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General FAQs
Where can I buy a iPhone handset ?
You can buy a iPhone in our designated Reliance World or Reliance Communications outlets, or Apple retail outlets.
How can I contact Reliance Customer Care for Apple product/ plan information ?
Customer can call on 1800 3000 8989 (toll-free) for more information on Apple products and tariff/ plan.
What is the warranty period for the handset ?
Apple provides a one year limited warranty. See Apple’s Warranty website for more details.
What is Apple ID ?
An Apple ID is a user name you use for everything you do with Apple. Creating an account for an Apple service, such as the iTune Stores or App Store, creates an Apple ID. Apple ID allows you to access other Apple services. You don’t have to create a new account for each service – just use your Apple ID. See the Apple ID website for more details.
How can I get Technical Support or hardware repair ?
For all your service and support options, visit Apple’s Support website for details.