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Prepaid connection
Can I apply for a prepaid connection online?
  • For applying prepaid connection you need to visit nearest Reliance Mobile store.
  • You can also buy prepaid connection from independent sales agent or direct sales agent.
What documents do I need to get a new prepaid connection?
  • To get a new prepaid connection you need just to fill up Prepaid Customer Application Form (CAF). You can also pick one from any Reliance Mobile Store.
  • Along with the duly filled CAF documents required:

1. One colour/BW photograph
2. Any one document from the list

  • Passport
  • Arms License
  • Driving License
  • Photo Identity Card having address
  • Election Commission ID Card
  • Any other document containing photograph includes.
    • Ration Card with photo and address applicable for person whose photo is affixed.
    • Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS)/ EX-SERVICEMEN CONTRIBUTORY HEALTH SCHEME (ECHS) Card
    • Certificate of address having photo, issued by MP/MLA/Group A Gazetted Officer in letter head
    • Certificate of address with photo from Government recognized educational institutions (for students only)
    • Certificate of address having photo, issued by Village Panchayat head (for rural areas)
How do I check balance and validity?
  • To get complete details of your account balance, dial *225/*226 (CDMA) or *367# (GSM) from your Reliance mobile. These numbers are toll-free.
  • You can also send an SMS 'BAL' to 55333 (toll-free) to know your main account balance & validity.
Can I recharge my card online?
Yes you can recharge online at You can buy topups and Special Tariff Vouchers (STVs) - all with the convenience of a few clicks!
How do I transfer mobile ownership?
Ownership change can be done by submitting new Customer Application Form (CAF) at any nearest reliance touch point along with Proof of address, Proof of Identity & photograph
What is GPRS and how can I get it?
  • With GPRS you can access to the internet from your handset.
  • General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an extension of the GSM network that enables data packets to be transmitted at high speed in the same way as on the Internet. The network offers virtually instantaneous connection.
  • GPRS can be accessed only from GSM handsets
  • You can get GPRS settings on your mobile
  • When you insert your New Reliance Mobile SIM Card into the handset you will receive an SMS Trigger (within 48 hrs) with GPRS settings. You just have to click on the message and SAVE the settings to access R World.
  • SMS <all> to 55100
  • You can also get the GPRS settings from R-Menu. You just have to click on R-Menu and then go to get settings. Then select GPRS settings.
What is MMS? How can I start using it?
  • Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS for short is a fun packed service that allows you to exchange multimedia-rich messages.
  • MMS allows all our Reliance Mobile phone customers to add audio, images and text messages.
  • You will be able to exchange MMS messages, comprising of 1 Picture, 1 Audio and Text message, with other Reliance Mobile and email users.
  • In case customer has a camera-enabled handset, then he may go ahead and even send postcards from his holiday or create a photo phonebook or album.
  • To sum it up, it provides immense excitement to exchange personalized multimedia messages from Reliance Mobile phone to Reliance Mobile phone or from Reliance Mobile phone to e-mail.
  • MMS is a handset feature. If your handset supports this feature, you can start sending MMS right now.
What is R World? What do I need to do to use R World?
RWorld is the brand name for multimedia portal (data) service of Reliance Mobile. Services offered on R World includes Entertainment (Games, Movies, Ringtones), Infotainment, Blogging, Live TV, Mobile Internet and lots more
How can I avail caller tunes, ring tones and wall papers?
  • Keeping in mind the increasing demand for callertune services, Reliance has made the this popular service accessible through some modes as mentioned herewith:
  • Dial 51234567 @ Rs3/min
  • Star Copy- Press Star(*) button on your phone and copy your friend's callertune whenever you call and hear their tune
  • Click on the Rworld browser on your phone and pick your tune from the callertune section
  • Callertune section has also been made available on USSD
  • Website. Postpaid customers can just log on to and buy calletune directly from the website
  • SMS: Just type CT <tune code> to 51234 to set any song as your callertune. Alternatively one can search for his /her favorite callertune just by typing the name of the song/movie to 51234999( toll free)
  • Ringtones, wallpapers, games etc can be downloaded from Rworld. GSM customers can also download ringtones, wallpapers, games from 3rd party portals of Hungama, Indiagames, Mauj, Nazara etc.
How do I activate national roaming service?
For activating national roaming services on your phone please call on our customer care numbers Prepaid - *333
What are the national roaming charges?
You will not be charged any monthly rental for national roaming services. Calling rates will be as per your tariff plan.
How can I contact customer service when I am roaming within India?
You can call on our customer care number *222 or *333. These numbers are accessible from anywhere in India.
How can I subscribe to national and international roaming?
  • National roaming is by default available on your prepaid connection.
  • For subscribing to international roaming you need to visit any Reliance communication Outlet to fill the subscription form and deposit the requisite security deposit to avail the service.
What are the international call rates?
Changes as per country and operator
How can I contact customer service when I am using Reliance cell phone abroad?
You contact Reliance customer care on 00-91-22-30333535 or mail to or Fax 022- 30336565
Call Management Services
What is a missed call alert? How can activate and deactivate the service?
  • You can get the record of missed calls by subscribing to Missed Call Alerts (MCA) service.
  • Missed call alerts is an SMS based service which provides the details of the calls attempted on the customer MDN, when the recipient mobile was switched off/out of reach/not reachable.
  • ou can activate this service by sendingSMS to 55333. This is charged at Rs.15/30days on toggling price points, Rs.10/20 days, Rs.5/10 days and Rs.2.5/5 days
  • To deactivate this MCA service SMS to 55333
What is a voice mail service? How can activate and deactivate the service?
  • Reliance Mobile’s Voicemail service (VMS) is your personal answering machine that will record messages whenever you are not reachable.
  • The service can be activated to record messages in the following situations:
    • When you are not reachable (e.g. out of coverage area or phone not switched on) or an incoming call is not answered
    • When you are busy on another call Alternatively, you divert all incoming calls automatically to the voicemail (not recommendable)
  • To activate VMS service dial *410 or *4101 from your Reliance Mobile
  • To deactivate VMS service dial *4100 from your Reliance Mobile
What is caller line identification? How do I activate this service?
  • This feature (CLIP) enables to view the number of the caller on phone
  • If phone number of the person who has called is stored in the phone book, then the name associated with the number will be displayed on the screen
  • This service also allows the subscriber to identify missed calls and redial previous calls
  • CLIP will be provisioned by default to all customers.
What is caller ID restriction? How much am I charged? Can I activate it?
This feature is currently not available.
SIM related
What are the charges to replace the SIM?
You will be charged Rs.4 to replace the SIM
Why is my SIM card blocked?
  • SIM card can be blocked in case incorrect pin is entered 10 times
  • for such scenarios , PUK number is required
  • PUK number can be given by any reliance touch point contact center
What should I do when I see the words "SIM Card Rejected" or "Blocked Card" or "Check Operator Services"?
  • In all the above scenarios, SIM card need to be replaced from any Reliance touch points
  • Such cases will be replaced Free of Cost if identified within 1 month
  • Normal charges will be applied for cases beyond 1 month
I have lost my mobile phone. How do I get a replacement of my handset and SIM?
You will have to buy a new handset and get the SIM replacement done from any Reliance touch point retaining his old mobile number on payment of applicable charges of SIM
How can I get a duplicate SIM card?
  • You can get duplicate SIM card from any Reliance touch points with applicable charges.
  • For technical defect within 1 month of new acquisition, replacement will be done Free of Cost
Can I block my number? How long does it take to block the number after placing the request?
  • Pls. visit any Reliance touch point or call at Contact Center. the sales representative can block the number against a complaint for Lost Handset /SIM
  • It can be done immediately at outlets.



For postpaid:

  • For any service
    • Dial * 222 from your reliance phone
    • Dial 30334343 from any other phone

For prepaid:

  • For account balance
    • Dial *367 or SMS ‘BAL’ to 53670
  • For account balance, recharge and language change option
    • Dial *369
  • For any other service
    • Dial *333 from your Reliance phone
    • Dial 30333333 from any other phone

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