Prepaid Combo Tariff

It’s ‘two’ good !

Get both Broadband Internet Access and a Fixed Line Phone for one low price. Keep control over your spending with our prepaid vouchers. Our prepaid combo plans give you much more…

Prepaid Combo Plan

  • Attractive plans combining Reliance Broadnet and Reliance Landline for as low as Rs.333.
  • Combo Plan options
    • Reliance Landline Phone + Online Speed Select plan of Reliance Broadnet.
    • Reliance Landline Phone + Data transfer plan of Reliance Broadnet.
  • To avail this plan you will have to load two Startup vouchers of Rs.500 for the Reliance Landline and Reliance Broadnet service respectively. The Startup Voucher for Reliance Landline gives you free usage worth Rs.500 on loading, so effectively you pay zero installation charges for the Reliance Landline service.
  • Freedom from separate monthly charges. Single re-fill voucher for Reliance Broadnet and Reliance Landline. Use either or both of the above services in any combination.
  • What’s more as a prepaid customer you become a member of Reliance Landline- Free Call Club. You can talk for free to other members within your club (customers serviced by your Reliance Channel Partner / Franchisee.). Please check for the latest RL-FCC member’s phone directory with your Reliance Channel Partner / Franchisee.
  • Attractive call rates on Reliance Landline. For more details click here.

Prepaid Vouchers :

Startup Voucher

Get started by loading the Startup Voucher towards installation and activation charges. MRP Rs.500 (inclusive of Service tax) with a validity of 60 days.

Refill Vouchers with 30 days validity

MRP inclusive of Service Tax (Rs.) 333 555 1,122 1,666
Usage Value (Rs.) 225 550 1,200 2,000

Enjoy additional validity of 30 days, on above vouchers, by loading them along with Startup Voucher.

Refill Vouchers with more than 30 days validity

MRP inclusive of Service Tax (Rs.) 1,020 2,040 5,555
Usage Value (Rs.) 1,050 2,200 6,000
Voucher Validity (days) 60 75 180

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Internet & broadband services are provided by Reliance Communications Infrastructure Limited (RCIL) having category "A" ISP license.